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    All our production is done in our workshop near Kyoto, according to our standards and the direction of our virtuoso selectors.

    We put all our heart and passion into producing breathtaking Matcha.

    We have absolute confidence in our quality, which we control from the ground to your first cup. We work just-in-time with our workshop to deliver only freshly ground Matcha.

    All our growers are three-hundred-year-old family farms, that produce with ancestral methods in harmony with nature, their garden.
    We never add any additives.
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Powerful and Healthy Energy

The green tea Matcha gives a feeling of energy longer than coffee, without bringing nervousness.

It is thanks to the combined action of theine, and L-theanine, you feel perfectly zen and awake.

It boosts productivity compared to coffee while allowing you to sleep well and feel good.

High-quality Matcha is made with tender, young leaves, packed with antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients.

Since you consume it whole and suspended in water, unlike brewed tea, you get the full benefit of everything it contains!


It is both extremely easy and very enjoyable. It also only takes a quick minute once you get the hang of it!

Put about a teaspoon of your Matcha in a bowl or a mug, and add water or milk, hot or iced, whisking with a Chasen (a bamboo whisk you can find on our website) until you make an emulsion!


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  • The soil

    This is where it all begins. Without an exceptional climate and soil, it is impossible to produce an exceptional crop. The plots of land we have chosen in 3 specific locations offer this perfection.
  • The cultivation and selection

    Quality is more than a mere result, it is a way of working. We apply this principle at all stages to obtain soft leaves with emerald colour.
  • The team

    We have the pleasure of having exceptional talent on our team. An exceptional leaf that is poorly processed will never be at its best. Revealing the umami and sweetness in Matcha is not something that happens by chance.
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